brightbox studio

At brightbox studio, we believe in the power of self-inquiry to heal, transform, and connect - to nature, to ourselves, to others. Join us on a journey of self-expression where art and mindful exploration intertwine!

Brightbox studio fosters a supportive environment where artists and non-artists can explore art from a whole-self perspective that prioritizes the creative PROCESS over an end product.

Through somatic practices, thoughtful dialogue, mark-making, motion and sound, Brightbox workshops SPARK the mind/body connection, ignite spontaneity, encourage critical thinking and help integrate creative practice into daily life.

Please email to learn more or to schedule a private workshop for individuals or small groups.


One-day and multi-day sessions available.

Color Outside the Lines

Explore the freedom of abstract art through bold brushstrokes, non-representational mark-making and color. Embrace intuition and let curiosity be your guide.

Mixed Media Collage

Discover the art of mixed media collage, combining various materials and textures to create unique and visually captivating compositions. Layer your creativity and let the story unfold.

Sculpture in 4-D

Experience the tactile nature of sculpture by transforming raw materials into time-based works of art. Discover the joy of inquiry, mindful observation, arrangement and release.

Explore a somatic approach to art-making, where body, voice and motion are the mediums of expression. This isn't about being on stage; it's about BE-ing within your own skin.

Body Motion Sound

Multi-day immersion into a self-guided, site-specific project inspired by the local surroundings. Whether it's time-based sculpture, writing, audio, drawing or any other medium, you'll have a protected space to focus on your process.

Site-specific Exploration

"No matter how well-worn the path, each journey is unique."

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