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Whether or not we identify as an ARTIST, we all CREATE through our choices, thoughts, words, actions, relationships.
The deeper we dive into our innate intuition and strengthen our capacity to be in harmony with our environment, the more adept we are at manifesting whole, authentic, fulfilling lives.

By encouraging new ways of seeing, creativity invites us to re-shape our perceptions of self and the world around us and deepens our capacity to BE in the moment. The more present we are, the more we can tap into our inherent connection to ourselves, nature and each other.

living creatively

What we offer

engage | 1:1 coaching sessions
| studio workshops (2-hr to multi-day)
create space | renovation & design | studio set-up
dialogue | portfolio review & goal-setting

engage - Coaching Sessions

Brightbox creative coaching sessions provide the context for artists, non-artists & creative thinkers to lean into their innate curiosity and find inspiration from the heart & body. The inner critic is invited to take a break for a while and we’re able to see our own work with a neutral eye.

explore - Workshops & Classes

See Workshops & Classes tab for course descriptions.

Brightbox studio classes explore the PROCESS of creating rather than focusing on a product as the end result. Through energy-building exercises, mindful observation, motion-based marks and sound, brightbox's workshops are designed to SPARK creativity, foster resiliency by requiring we stay present in a moment, and encourage ​creative thinking in day-to-day life.

Create Space for Daily Practice

See Creating Spaces tab for more information.

The artist's studio is where the story begins to take shape. It's a place of exploration, curiosity and contemplation.
Whether it's a desk, the corner of a room or an entire garage, the studio is a designated retreat that invites us to experience the present moment. Brightbox works with Artists to set up a functional studio space that supports their unique way of working and builds the foundation for creating a daily practice.

We also offer home consultation services including interior design, renovation support, space planning and layout guidance, aesthetic refreshers and furniture arrangement.


Brightbox offers one-on-one dialogue, portfolio reviews and thoughtful critiques to Artists that dive deep into studio work, personal interests and creative goals. Brightbox shares supportive perspective and insight on the aesthetic, conceptual and visioning strengths in the work. Through back-and-forth conversation, we uncover layers that clarify creative intention, set goals and spark energy in the studio.

Creating space for good things to happen.