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Kelly Kievit, founder of BRIGHTBOX STUDIO, is a fine artist and designer based in Floral City, FL. She holds a BFA in photography from Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA in sculpture from Arizona State University.

Kelly was the Art Director for New Water ReSources a network of specialized individuals creating learning experiences and educational programs around the globe that challenge conventional thinking, broaden understanding, and stimulate new behaviors about water – and Graphic Designer with Jacobs Engineering specializing in sustainability and environmental remediation projects.

Ms. Kievit's extensive training in photography, sculpture and installation contribute to an awareness of site and context. Kelly’s design aesthetic and “connect the dots” thinking coalesce project brand, outreach and education materials, signage and exhibits into a context-sensitive, cohesive experience that broadens public understanding about stewarding our natural resources.

Kelly was represented by six galleries nationally for nearly two decades with paintings in both private and corporate collections. In 2013, her focus shifted to architectural restoration and community development in inner-city neighborhoods as a way to build greener, more livable communities.

Kelly's philosophical approach to renovation & design has consistently been to listen to the architecture - houses speak! - and allow the original character of a home to come through rather than obliterate it. Integrating the inherent personality of a home and it's surroundings with modern upgrades and client needs are critical to her design process.

She is currently photographing the Florida landscape on foot and renovating an Old Florida cabin with her husband. Kelly offers somatic-informed workshops and open studio events in Floral City.
Her work can be viewed here:

"Illustrating connections between art, nature, people and place has been at the heart of my career.

As an Art Director and Designer, I focused on water, sustainability and environmental remediation projects around the globe. As an Artist, I look to nature for inspiration.

Florida’s intricate ecosystems, diverse topographies, wildlife and the conservation efforts trying to protect them are core passions of mine. I believe that art can be a form of environmental activism and powerfully illustrate the deep connections between nature and the human experience. By recognizing that we are only one part of the natural world rather than its center, we can learn to steward our remaining wilds and live from a conservation consciousness within nature instead of destroying it.”

Kelly recently won the Tide for a Cause Photography Contest with her photograph, “Golden Hour.”

Tidal Brewing, Hernando County Arts Council, Hernando County Environmentally Sensitive Lands (ESL) Program

"No matter how well-worn the path, each journey is unique."

For a full resume and work samples, please visit kellykievit.com

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