brightbox artist's retreat

Brightbox Studio is an ideal environment for artists & writers to unplug, focus on current work or delve into a self-guided, site-specific exploration inspired by the surroundings.
Whether it's time-based sculpture, writing, audio, drawing or another medium, you'll have a protected space to process and regenerate. It's also a great place to do nothing except read on the porch, watch birds, ride a bike on the nearby rails-to-trail and kayak on the wetland.
Brightbox Studio is located on 2 acres of land in Central Florida. The land consists of trees, cleared areas, seasonal cypress bogs and dense ferns adjacent to a 50-acre wetland.

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The property is HOME to sandhill cranes, turkey, limpkin, herons, moorhens, egrets, ibis, migrating birds and other critters like raccoons, possum, armadillo, spiders, an occasional peacock, deer, alligators and snakes.

We're located 1.5 hours away from both Tampa and Orlando airports.
A 600-sq ft (1 bed, 1 bath, kitchen) 1950s Old Florida cabin is available through Airbnb.
A 14' x 26' studio and basic hand tools are available for use.

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